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Call For Action-Citizens of Alachua

Call For Action-Citizens of Alachua

Michael Canney


The unprecedented disqualification of all three non-incumbent candidates for Alachua city commission, and the arbitrary cancellation of our scheduled election on April 10 are cause for deep concern for many. I hope members of the community will address these concerns at the next meeting of the Alachua City Commission on Monday, March 5th at the Alachua Elementary School. Also, please feel free to print out and copy the attached Petition, and help get Alachua citizens` signatures on them (registered voters only).

   Alachua Petition 33280 bytes

   Calling All Citizens 25600 bytes

Those who cannot attend are encouraged to call the commissioners and their staff and let them know how you feel:

Commissioner Bonnie Burgess 386-462-9171
Mayor Jean Calderwood 386-462-2229
Vice-Mayor Gib Coerper 386-462-2265
Commissioner Orien Hills 386-462-2336
Commissioner James Lewis 386-462-1785 or 352-215-9901
Robert and Marian Rush, City Attorneys 352-373-7566
City Manager Clovis Watson, Jr. 386-462-1231 or 352-378-7105
Deputy Clerk Alan Henderson 386-462-1231

For more information:

Alachua Shocker: 3 challengers in city election disqualified,
election canceled

High Springs Herald | March 1, 2007

Alachua disqualifies election challengers
Amy Reinink | Gainesville Sun | February 27, 2007

Alachua defends city election decision
Amy Reinink | Gainesville Sun | March 1, 2007

Some background...

Alachua asks county Supervisor of Elections to run city's elections
High Springs Herald | November 30, 2006

City commission changes its mind, decides it can run its own elections
High Springs Herald | February 15, 2007

Alachua Post (see my Open Letter to City Commissioners)

Alachua Project (lots of Alachua material)

Michael Canney


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