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Do we still have a democracy?

Do we still have a democracy?

Rob Brinkman

I want toexpress my support for Michael Canney`s open letter to the Alachua City Commission and add a couple of points to re-enforce his superb efforts. I have run for City Commission in Gainesville twice. On both occasions I received excellent assistance in filing not only my qualifying documents, but other forms during the course of the election. Gainesville contracts with the Alachua County Supervisor of election to conduct city elections. I was dealing with Ms. Hill at the time but since have had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Carpenter`s office also. In all cases I was treated professionally with respect and given all necessary guidance and assistance in filing forms or obtaining information. Each form I filed was checked by the Supervisor of Electionsor her staff before being time stamped and a copy returned to me for my records. Every citizen is entitled to this level of service; it is the essence of a functional democracy.

Florida's 67 counties are political sub-divisions of the state, municipalities are corporations chartered by the state and given municipal powers including taxing and law enforcement. Last year Gainesville followed the lead of Alachua County and instituted campaign finance reform limiting contributions to candidates to $250.00. In order for Alachua County to restrict the size of campaign contributions to candidates it had to convince the Florida legislature to pass a special act and also the voters of Alachua County had to amend the County Charter. To enact the same restrictions all the City of Gainesville had to do was enact an ordinance by majority vote of the City Commission.

The City of Alachua needs to hold an election and it needs to be conducted by the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections in a manner that the citizens of a democracy have a right to expect; after all that is why we are fighting in Iraq isn't it?

Rob Brinkman

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