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Watson Asked To Correct Resume

Watson Asked To Correct Resume

Dear Editor,
Please find included letters that border on a full out reprimand of Alachua`s City Manager.

The controversy continues in Alachua. I am not surprised to see the appearance of cracks in management, specifically the outwardly political stance taken by manager Watson, the Mayor and some employees. As my hope of impartial government perrishes the basis for possible vote tampering is strengthened when the lines between fact and oversight are blurred.

Since these letters were sent, the website has been updated to include (Former) by the association listings on Watson`s resume page.

After reading these chastising letters to manager Watson, the question has to be asked WHEN was he a member in good standing with either City-County manager`s association?

In my opinion this speaks volumes to his disregard for ethical behavior and leaves citizens to ponder other oversights and omissions by those charged with conducting the citizens business.

Watson made a decision which was less than forth coming with the public. He had a choice to do the right thing as he so often claims he will do. In this case such poor judgement warrants intense scrutiny of other opportunities where lapse of integrity may have occurred. Such behavior shows his dis-regard for ethical behavior and leaves citizens justified in questioning other oversights.

Education in ethics is not a degree yet obtained by Watson. Unfortunately the cost to the tax payers continue to be spent on an education allowance which is now openly party affiliated and by Watson`s own account short-term if he retires from the city in the next rew years. So the question has to be asked, why educate someone at public expense for private benefit?

W. F. Jennings
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FCCMA Letter to Watson

FCCMA Letter to Gainesville Sun Editorial Board

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