Price Drop for Digital SLR Cameras – Link To DSLR CAMERA INFORMATION

Both characters work in the news industry and have their pictures taken by digital SLR (DSLR) cameras, which are fast enough to capture photos of both super-heroes

They are the cameras of professionals, but with a growing line of affordable and easy to use DSLR cameras, the average consumer can now take professional pictures of their own.

Different from the basic point-and-shoot cameras many people own, a DSLR camera can take multiple pictures per second and uses removable lenses that can take pictures of subjects at highly magnified levels or from far away.

Allison Myers, a recent UF graduate, owns an Olympus DSLR camera and said that, although she planned to buy a DSLR for some time, the drop in price definitely influenced when she made the decision.

Since DSLR cameras provide more detailed pictures taken at a faster speed than a point-and-shoot camera, they are usually significantly more expensive and can cost several thousand dollars.

However, Nikon, Pentax and Canon have introduced entry-level DSLR cameras that are priced lower than previous DSLR cameras have been.
One recent DSLR to hit the market is the Nikon D40 kit, which comes with the camera body and one lens for $599 at most stores that sell electronics. The camera body alone sells at around $370.

When asked about a particular event that the DSLR was able to capture, Myers said she was glad she was able to take photos of her boyfriend’s graduation.

“I have a longer lens that I used,” Myers said. “So, even though we were sitting in the nosebleed section of the O`Connell Center, I was able to get really good close-up pictures of him that his mom would never have been able to get with her point-and-shoot.”

Jacob Hodges, camera customer specialist for Best Buy located on Archer Road, has noticed an increase in interest over DSLR cameras in the past year.

“Since the [Nikon] D40, a lot of people have made the jump to a digital SLR,” Hodges said. “People are realizing that point-and-shoot [cameras] are limited in what they can do.”

Hodges said that there are a few times each week when he convinces people that a DSLR camera would better fit their needs in a camera than a basic point-and-shoot would.

Most people have questions about how much effort will be involved in switching from a point-and-shoot digital camera to a DSLR though.
One common cause for concern in purchasing a DSLR camera is the question of whether or not the camera requires more time spent on learning the controls.

Depending on a person’s level of expertise, a DSLR camera can offer a wide range of settings to take more artistic photos, but this requires a certain level of understanding to operate the controls.

However, Chris Roussakis, a photographer for the Charlatan Newspaper at Carleton University in Canada, says that if people read the manual then they will be fine.

“A regular Joe will get it in his head that there is no way I’ll know how to work this thing, but in reality there are usually five automatic functions on a DSLR that you will find on a point and shoot camera,” Roussakis said. “Anyone can pick it up and figure things out after 10 minutes of playing around with it.”

While many people looking for a camera that provides faster response time and better image quality will be interested in purchasing a DSLR because of the new lower prices, Roussakis said that a DSLR will never be a replacement for a point-and-shoot.

“I always bring the point-and-shoot to the club and places that I don’t want to carry a bag around with me,” Roussakis said. “When I want to make art, that’s when I bring the DSLR.”

Allison Myers said that DSLR cameras are only going to become more popular though

“They offer a level of quality and flexibility that you just can’t find in traditional point-and-shoot cameras,” Myers said.